Indian voter’s dilemma

 Indian voters dilemma
With the Lok Sabha elections this year, Indians are expecting a change in the central leadership, which has been more like a ship without a leader! Our present Prime Minister is just like a rubber stamp who doesn’t react to the national problems and has no solutions. Then, who next?
The Indian voter too is a puppet in the hands of the wily politicians. They appease the voters with glamourous manifestoes, promising them the moon, but the promises fall flat and the leaders vanish, once they come to power.
This has been the charade being played since 1947 by the two main national parties. Their see-saw rule was broken by regional parties and now for the past few decades, India has had coalition governments at the centre, which means–more time is spent appeasing the political partners than governing the nation.
Vote bank politics has played a destructive role too. Now instead of a united India, we have reservations for almost all the castes in every field, and that leaves the general meritorious candidates to do the menial jobs. What a waste of talent and potential in order to please and appease people for votes and staying in power. No wonder the standard of education, health and sports is on the slide towards nothing.
Enter the new party- the common man’s party–the Aam Aadmi Party-AAP, which infused hope in the masses that these common persons with uncommon ability will wave a wand of magic and all will be well and rosy..AAP won the Delhi state governance with the support of Congress from outside, but the high moral ground, the AAP leaders used to win the elections, is gradually eroding. With each passing day, the masks are falling and the real faces of the opportunistic leaders are becoming clear.
”Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men”-Lord Acton-1887
With all the parties now projecting their ‘great men’ as the potential prime ministers of India, it is a matter of few months to know, which Great man will turn bad with absolute power.
India will never be the land of equal opportunities and a developed country, the way ideally it should be, for our own politicians are the villians of this story.
 But hope sustains life and we should keep dreaming, the dreams do come true.
With best wishes to my India and my countrymen.

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2 Responses to Indian voter’s dilemma

  1. Frederic says:

    Lord Acton’s words are so true, as is the gist of this post. Leaders everywhere in the world tend to change as they start their ascent to the peaks of power, and not for the better.

  2. Thanks for the response, Frederic. You are right, leaders everywhere in the world are the same, irrespective of the fact: whether their country is developed, developing or under-developed..human nature, one might say, but it is very unfortunate that we all have to obey them..Jasmin

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